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November 6


Cooking With CBD

By libbymurphy1313

November 6, 2020

The Harvest Season Is Here

As November is now upon us, you may find yourself remembering all the great foods you love so much from this time of year. The harvest in September, October, and November is not only a time when scrumptious seasonal foods are available and abundant but also a time when family and friends come together to share their appreciation and love for one another. Danu fall harvest

Why not add a little something special to your fall recipes this year by cooking with CBD oil? It may just give your food the extra special something it needs for the
perfect distinguished flavor. Not to mention, it may give your fall dishes a little dose of natural relaxation. Below are a few foods that we think will go exceptionally well with a little CBD oil added.

Foods That Are Good For Cooking With CBD

While you can theoretically put quality CBD oil into just about any food, there are definitely a few frontrunners that stand out as being great matches. Baking with CBD is particularly a fun way to consume it, since once you’ve got your meal ready, you can simply place the dish in the oven and relax while it cooks. Who doesn’t love a tasty and warm baked dish this time of year? 

As CBD cooking expert Jamie Evans advises, the main thing to be wary of when baking is the temperature. You don’t want to eliminate all the potentially helpful benefits of CBD by burning them off while cooking. We recommend you stay below 320˚F to avoid wasting nature’s gift. However, if a recipe calls for 340˚F or 350˚F, you should be fine. 

Recipe Ideas

We’ll start off our recipe list with a few relatively easy ideas, so you can experience your CBD without getting too crazy in the kitchen. Our first recommendation is a classic that almost anyone can make easily, and it’s all but guaranteed to become an instant hit with any crowd. The one, the only, the classic…chocolate chip cookies.

CBD Chocolate Chip Cookies 

Yes, that’s right. CBD chocolate chip cookies. No need to feel guilty this fall when you’re consuming cannabidiol and terpenes that may possibly help you feel better and stay more positive throughout the season. Adding CBD oil to this recipe is as simple as mixing it into the cookie dough batter and choosing a lower heat recipe. You’ll want to be careful of how much you add in, depending on the number of cookies or guests you’ll be sharing it with. Our Mellow Mint CBD Oil Tincture is perfect to give your cookies a slight mint chocolate flavor.

Danu cbd brownies

CBD Brownies, Because Of Course CBD Brownies

This baked good is a no brainer. You’ve heard of CBD’s counterpart, THC, being used in brownies, so why not reap the potential benefits of CBD in the same fashion, except with zero high? Similarly to chocolate chip cookies, you can add drops of CBD Tincture Oil right into your favorite existing brownie recipe, as long as it’s lower heat. We recommend this fall-themed sweet potato brownie recipe.

CBD Infused Pumpkin Spice Bulletproof Coffee

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to warm up both physically and mentally during these chilly mornings, we’ve got the perfect drink idea right here. Take this simple, yet delicious drink recipe, but substitute a portion of the MCT oil with 1 dropper full of our CBD Tincture. (We think our Fresh Orange flavor goes best.) Be sure to use your favorite pumpkin spice coffee grounds for a fall morning pick-me-up that can’t be beaten. If you’re looking for something more festive, check out our other CBD drink recipe on our blog here.

Avoid Wasting Your CBD Oil

The most important factor when baking or cooking with CBD oil is to remember to keep your temperatures low to avoid cooking off potentially beneficial terpenes. With so much goodness in each drop of cannabidiol, you won’t want to weaken its compounds by burning them. When calculating out how much CBD oil to add to each serving, make sure you are never putting more than one tincture dropper full of CBD. A little goes a long way, so there is no need to waste your precious oil.

Inform Your Friends Before Serving

When adding some CBD oil to your meals, not only is it polite to let everyone know that it is CBD infused, but it’s also important as some of your friends or family may not be okay with the concept of CBD. Additionally, there is not enough research yet on medication interactions with CBD, so you’ll want to be especially mindful of this before any guests enjoy your dishes. 

High-Quality CBD Oil Tinctures Perfect For Cooking

At Danu Apothecary, our CBD Tinctures are made from only high-quality, natural hemp oil. This makes them ideal for adding to your next cooking project or drink. Check out both of our tincture flavors and more in our store today!

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